Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stolen Inspiration: Chipotle Poached Shrimp Tacos

Chipotle Poached Shrimp Tacos
I find that inspiration for new dishes comes from a multitude of sources: childhood memories, fantastic restaurant meals, conversation with friends, bizarre dreams (yes, it’s true – I do dream about cooking from time to time), etc. But I think the most often used source of inspiration comes from the plethora of cooking and travel shows with which I seem to fill my television-viewing time.

The local PBS station has added an additional HD channel to its line-up called Create. It’s full of familiar PBS programs that show you how to build, garden, paint, sew, travel, and cook. The travel hosts are these intrepid globe trekkers hopping from country to country, showing us not only the history, art, and architecture of each place, but also the unique cuisine of the region (always makes me alternate from cringing to salivating as I see what they eat). One recent afternoon, sandwiched between trips to London and Paris, was a repeat of America’s Test Kitchen, which was tackling Mexican food. Don and I both stopped in our tracks as we watched them work their magic on chicken tacos. They came up with a preparation that I knew I needed to steal pay homage to in a recipe.



  1. I have never had a shrimp taco, but I definitely want to now!

  2. Seriously, the flavor profile of this dish was unlike anything I'd ever had before - and it was incredible. Try this as soon as you possibly can!

  3. My hubby tends to order the grilled fish tacos off every Mexican restaurant menu but I've never thought about how easy it would be to make shrimp tacos at home. Great inspiration.

  4. It's wonderful all the places we find inspiration - for me, something this is one!

  5. I just started making fish tacos, so this would logically be the next step. I want "Create" on my cable!!1

  6. Wow what a great recipe! Love fish tacos, so will def have to try at home now!

  7. Oh my gosh that taco I could eat NOW!!! Such a great recipe! We just started following your blog. I love love LOVE cheap eats!!

    Cannot wait for more recipes!!



  8. yum! Sometimes we need that added inspiration to move us! I only like shrimp one way... and that is in tacos! Delicious!