Monday, July 5, 2010

All They’re Cracked Up To Be: Black Sesame Crackers

I’ve discovered there are two things that people are always impressed to find out that you made from scratch: the first is marshmallows, and the other is crackers. “Oh, my God! I can’t believe you made those! I wouldn’t even know how to start.” I’ve heard it several times, and it always surprises me. READ MORE

 Black Sesame Crackers
Springtime Scallion Spread


  1. Digging your blog!! I have made marshmallows, Peeps for easter.. and yes, they are a pain in the butt. For reasons unknown to me, I have never thought to make crackers.. I have a few recipes that I have come across saved, but have yet to make them. These Look delicous!! I might have to try them!

  2. Thanks, Pup! You have my respect for the marshmallows - especially if you tried to shape them into peeps. I was pulling my hair out just trying to get squares cut.

    Definitely make the crackers - these or any others. But make sure you prepare them for a crowd. I'm telling you, the look of astonishment on their faces will be completely worth it.

  3. The black sesame seeds look great in the crackers, so glad you had the bottle and knew how to put it to good use:-)

  4. Thanks, Patty. I've been working on emptying this bottle FOREVER! :)