Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Than One Way to Skin a Catfish: Catfish Tacos with Cucumber Salsa

I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in the rural Midwest (Bedford, Indiana, to be exact). Catfish was a part of everyday life. You could order it any way you wanted – as long as it was fried. I think I was pushing 40 before I found out that there wasn’t a law preventing you from preparing catfish different ways. I’d never had it other than batter-dipped, deep fried, and covered in tarter sauce. Now all of that has changed. How much farther can you run than Catfish Tacos with Cucumber Salsa? READ MORE


  1. Yum....Great photo! What time is dinner?

  2. I love fish tacos and anything with cucumbers, I'm there! looks so great with the potatoes too! YUM!

  3. down here, the catfish mostly is farm raised in mississippi ponds and is pretty clean tasting, no gammey taste at all - but that's store bought, nothing beats pond fishing now does it?